Congratulations Jeremy & Natalie on becoming first time homeowners! The time you invested purposefully living below your means, saving ‘the extras’ and keeping your credit in good standing was definitely rewarded. I am very proud of all you have accomplished and am grateful to have been a part of this new chapter in your life.

I was introduced to this super sweet couple by a mutual friend. He learned that they were looking to purchase their first house and suggested they connect with me. I am so glad they did. For the next several months we explored a variety of houses and even put in an amazing offer on one. It wasn’t accepted. No worries though because when this newly constructed home came available, they had viewed enough properties to know this was ‘the one’ they wanted to settle into and create memories for years to come. And, to make it even better, although our market is super hot right now, I was able negotiate a price less than asking and with significantly less due diligence than other properties have required.

I’m super excited for you Jeremy & Natalie and wish you only the best going forward.